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Where does depression come from?

I’m not going to pretend I have the answers to depression. The lows of your mind are complicated and often in all sorts of different setbacks and emotional impulses that are connected in mysterious ways, but one thing I’ve observed is that depression stems from and can be solved by the amount of control you have in your life.
Even if your depression is mild, it can slowly eat away at every other aspect of your life. And even if you’ve been on the right track up to this point, bettering yourself by putting in additional energy at work and making solid gains in the gym, this low point can ruin all progress you’ve made and bring your personal development to a jarring standstill.

Why does it linger on for so long in some people while others can bounce back and regain their handle on life no matter what happens?
Well, I believe that the real powerlessness you feel when you are depressed often stems from a loss of control. Think about the darkest times in your life for a moment. Times when you could barely drag yourself out of bed to go to work in the morning and almost just feeling like folding in on yourself and withering away into nothing. Think about the events that instigate those types of feelin

Are you depressed because of the overall state of your life or maybe don’t know why you’re depressed? Well, when your life is depressing you or you don’t know what’s wrong, it’s often due to some type of powerlessness in your life. For instance, maybe life hasn’t worked out the way you wanted or you can’t afford the things you want or you’re always rushing to pay the bills and are overworked or you feel ugly and fat.
The common theme is that there’s this feeling inside of yourself that there’s nothing you can do about your situation. That you are powerless to change it…

Why It’s So Hard?

Here’s the most frustrating thing about depression. You can’t change your state of depression once it starts because…wait for it…because it’s based on something in your life you can’t control! That’s why it’s so hard to just walk out of this swamp of emotion. And depression becomes a self-fulfilling cycle because once you feel like that you then start losing your grip on other areas of your life. You start hiding in your home, caving yourself in, and stop any and all healthy routines you’ve built up in your life. You stop growing. And because of stopping these things, you lose more and more control and sink deeper and deeper into the hole. And before you know it those initial feelings of powerlessness have destroyed every area of your life. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


I know I’m probably starting to sound like a broken record, but since your main cause of depression is based on something that you feel powerless to change, you have options.
The first option is to find the power to change that thing. Easier said than done, but it is sometimes possible if you try to think at it from another angle. The idea is to make up for that lack of control by being proactive about the things that you can find leverage over. So no matter how bad things seem, keep going to the gym or start , cut back on the drinking if it’s an issue, and put your heart into your work.

Getting proactive about non-related areas in your life distracts your mind. Instead of lying at home feeling sorry for yourself, you give your mind something to hone in on. At first it’ll seem pointless and your mind will keep wandering back to whatever ails you. But if you keep at it, day after day, after a while you’ll find it has completely left the issues you were depressed about, if only just momentarily.
Don’t let the fact that “life must go on” be a downer; instead, make it your weapon against depression.

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