Why Cardio?

Get your heart pumping and improve your aerobic, cardio and endurance training


It’s called ‘sitting disease’; an epidemic of back pain due to people sitting hunched over PC’s, laptops, tablets and smartphones. It comes as no surprise that 4 out 5 adults will experience back pain when 50-70% of us spend six hours seated. Recent studies show prolonged sitting increases the risk of heart disease by 147%, diabetes by 112%, obesity and musculoskeletal symptoms.

The sedentary nature of our jobs means that to improve posture and avoid injury, we need to be educated and supported with strategies to change sitting habits, encouraging more exercise and movement.

Posture Workshops

Our speakers are qualified physiotherapists and recognised as the best in their field. We want to educate your employees as to the importance of standing up and moving more, as well as detailing physical training sessions to build strength and avoid back pain.

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Wellbeing & posture workshop.

There are plenty of reasons why getting off the couch and being more physically active is a good thing. Our bodies are dynamic biological machines; one’s that need to move to maintain it’s functioning.

“transient hypofrontality”: a state-of-mind promoted by pursuits that require physical exertion but little thought or concentration. The parts of the brain that coordinate general concepts and rules are turned down, while the motor and sensory parts are turned up. In this state, ideas and impressions mingle more freely. Unusual and unexpected thoughts arise.

“Charles Darwin”