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“Health is a Journey not a desire”

Jamayne Brown

Lifestyle Coaching

Mental health is one of the top three causes of absence from work.

Barely a month goes by without some new report or study concluding that we are more stressed than ever. Which is understandable, after all, the economic climate is improving but it is hardly stable. This means that most people in employment feel under pressure to prove their worth, to secure their positions for the next time cutbacks come around.

Just as pertinently, modern technology has birthed an ‘always on’ culture so even when we’re not actually at work, we’re expected to reply to emails and calls.

A medium sized company with upto 250 employees is estimated to make an estimated loss of £250,000 annually, due to sickness absenteeism.

The Britain’s Healthiest Company data shows that at least one-third of employees suffer from multiple dimensions of mental well-being concerns, some of which are unrelated to the workplace but that result in productivity losses for the employer nonetheless.

The better people’s needs are met, the more healthy, happy, engaged, productive and loyal they become. Take care of them and they’ll take care of business in turn.

It is very likely that most of those attending these workshops are currently aware of mental health issues being experienced by colleagues at work, in their family, or by friends. There is also the possibility that some may be experiencing personal mental health problems for themselves at present or may do so in the future.

The lifestyle you choose not only effect you on a metal and physical plain but also effects those in your circumference. Environmental factors, effect us in ways unbeknown day in and day out.

Health to me is a journey, a journey from within, a three step process that starts with the thought, the action and then progress that for ever grows. Everything thing in life holds this very same formula, you just have to see it first.
“Seek and you will find, for you are just what you seek”

Jamayne Brown



The aims of the session are:

Recognising that everyone has ‘mental health’
and there is a whole bunch of factors that can affect it.
Increasing awareness of mental health and
ill-health through describing a range of health
conditions, symptoms and causes.
Dispelling some of the misconceptions linked
to mental health issues.
Offering practical examples of how to support
employees with mental health issues.
Considering ways to protect mental health through
building resilient coping strategies.

Practical Training for Employees and Leaders
TFE deliver 90-minute workshops for employees and leaders to educate and inform.

The way you live your life and the habits you absorb over the years create character and lifestyle, a style of living some would say is hard to explain. Within your habits, environment and lifestyle is the answers to every character trait you possess and more.

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