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Health Leadership Starts With Leading 

Whether you are an individual or a company, how you regulate your health plays a crucial part in your working lifestyle and according to a landmark study in the ‘HSE’ annual statistics of March 2020…. There were an estimated 828,000 workers affected by work-related stress, depression or anxiety. This represents 2,440 per 100,000 workers and results in an estimated 17.9 million working days lost.

Looking at group success rates not matter what the context, it is clearly evident that the stronger a group dynamic the more likely they are to achieve success. This applies to sports teams, families and even companies. With this leadership model, we work with a local PR company so we can assist you the right way. Strengthening corporate structures that govern the health of your staff.

Every company regardless of it’s size should have a ‘Welfare Strategy’, most SME’s these days however do not, since HR departments were scraped to cut cost some time ago.  A health strategy to a company is much like the one you probably created for your New Years resolution, the only difference is a company ‘Welfare Strategy’ should encompass so much more:

Running not only metabolizes your body, it also mentally stimulates by way of allowing your mind to relax, calling for better mental clarity and livid vision.

“transient training”: a state-of-mind promoted by pursuits that require physical exertion but little thought or concentration. The parts of the brain that coordinate general concepts and rules are turned down, while the motor and sensory parts are turned up. In this state, ideas and impressions mingle more freely. Unusual and unexpected thoughts arise.

“Charles Darwin”


Just when you thought the being a vegan couldn’t get any more complicated… according to the vegan society, if you’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo from your locals, THINK AGAIN! When considering a new tattoo, whether that be one to showcase your vegan lifestyle or not, it’s often not your first thought to wonder…

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