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Online Coaching

Why Online Coaching?

Health is a Journey not a desire

Busy schedules are no excuse for bad diets and poor health regimes, an enhanced lifestyle comes from making a decision to be the change, and that is exactly what we deliver with this service.

This 3 in 1 wellbeing remedy, consists of our online training, support group and motivation camp.
In a nut shell this service is all you need to boost your mental efficiency and optomise your physical output.

More reasons to keep fit!

  1. The human body has 650 muscles.
  2. The only exercise you should hold your breath for is underwater swimming.
  3. The heart is the strongest muscle in the body.
  4. Nearly 50% of all young people ages 12-21 are not vigorously active on a daily basis.
  5. For every pound of muscle gained, the body burns 50 extra calories every day.
The lifestyle you choose not only effect you on a metal and physical plain but also effects those in your circumference. Environmental factors, effect us in ways unbeknown day in and day out.

Health to me is a journey, a three step process, that starts with the thought, then the action and then progress, that for ever grows. Everything thing in life holds the same formula, you just have to see it first.
“Seek and you will find, for you are just what you seek”

Jamayne Brown

What ‘Online Coaching’ entails

Stress management, personal coaching and much more, join the fun Today, guaranteed to hit the spot!  BOOK NOW

We appreciate that people like to learn differently. To support and complement our popular monthly workshops, our workshop titles are now available in a series of podcasts.

To maximise on your user experience, our podcasts have been designed in an easy-to-watch format of 3-4, 8-12 minute snappy  video segments that provide a good level of knowledge and detail covering the key ideas reflected from workshops. Our podcasts allow you to reach out to everyone in the organisation. TFE podcasts provide a valuable summary for attendees and are informative enough for those unable to attend the live workshops. Our podcasts are hosted by Studio Media who have professional video hosting with analytics and video marketing tools.

Our online coaching service empowers you to do more and be more, with the support of our motivational / lifestyle coaches and dietitians, we take you that last step towards your goals.

Taking advantage of the internet and it’s modern day capabilities, you can get your mind right and your body tight on the move on your watch. This three in one service is inclusive of our nutritional analytics, personal coaching and our support group program, taking over the edge to a prosperous lifestyle.

Simply tell us your availability and we will put together a program that works for you, you will have access to our exclusive online groups and services where you can meet people also on the ladder of progression to a smarter, healthier lifestyle. You will have support from our team here at TFE-Wellbeing and most importantly, you will be ON IT!

And more!

  1. Only 13% of men are physically fit.
  2. More than 30% of children ages 6 to 11 are overweight, and over 15% are obese.
  3. On average, a person walks 70,000 miles in their lifetime.
  4. Roughly 4,000 children and teenagers begin smoking every day.
  5. Exercise makes you feel more energised because it releases endorphins into the blood.
  6. Movement in exercise helps relieve stress by producing a relaxation response which serves as a position distraction.


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