Working with elite athletes requires a great amount of professionalism and knowledge. In working with an athlete, improving their performance through nutritional and dietary factors is essential. In many cases improving their performance by as little as 0.1% can define an athlete’s career and can determine the difference between athletes qualifying for big events, such as the world championships and the Olympics, and winning a gold or silver medals.

This job requires a skillset that I have acquired from a sports nutrition degree. Additionally, my experience has further strengthen my confidence and communication skills to where I am able to implement my knowledge. Not only that, but I have developed the skills to provide service and advise those wanting to implement a healthier lifestyle.


I was first inspired to study sports nutrition by an online vlog, I witnessed an explanation of what a nutritionist’s role was within the sports sector. I was especially intrigued with the use of the calipers to measure the thickness of the skin on certain points of the body, determining the correct amount of body fat for both the age and gender of the client, otherwise known as the ‘pinch test’. Thereafter, I did some deeper research into sports nutrition study and discovered that this was my home.

I have participated in sports for many years, this has involved a wide range of activities, from athletics to boxing. From my research, I have an in-depth understanding that certain sports involve aerobic respiration such as boxing; other types of sport such as athletics involve anaerobic respiration, this produces lactic acid because of the absence of oxygen in the muscles. Implementing my science studies, I know inspiration requires the intercostal and diaphragm muscles to contract which increases the volume of the thorax causing the ribcage to move up and out as the diaphragm moves down a flat. The volume of the lungs increases whilst the pressure inside becomes lower than atmospheric pressure resulting the air being inhaled. For expiration, the intercostal and diaphragm muscles relax reducing the volume of the lungs and increasing the pressure. During exercise, the abdominal muscles contract causing forced expiration.


Everything i have endured when it comes to my profession, i implement in abundance. It is my duty to redefine the nutritional construct of my service users and educate them at the same time. I think it is immensely important to not only have a defined prospective on diet but to understand your why?, why are YOU concerned with YOUR dietary habits. It is the understanding of this question that fuels the whole journey, maybe you want to elevate your body and nourish your cells with an alkaline diet. Maybe you want to become a vegan or just loose weight, no matter what it is you have your eye set on just know why it is important to you.


I haven’t always been in-tune with a correct prospective of nutrition and biochemistry but i reached a point in my life when i noticed changes in myself, such as mood, energy levels and nourishment. It all started when i began to work hard and play less, i was working long hours and eating what thought was satisfactory during my short breaks but it was after only four short weeks, i began to feel rundown and nauseous. I took a trip to my doctor who advised some nausea tablets and wasn’t really much help so i began to study myself.  I would head home read and study for hours on end and make small adjustments to my diet until i could put my finger on it but one piece of information changed everything. When i learned that your mental diet governs your nutritional cycle as well as has the power to interrupt your digestive system i began to look at things differently. It took me to a thorough understanding of meat, minerals, G.M.O’s and alkalinity.

This was a journey in it’s self that took me to a place of inner peace, it is now my duty to bestow my knowledge and wisdom upon you, to enlighten your life and save you the time and frustration. Dietary analysis, diet coaching, diet planning and more…

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  • Ashley Fletcher


    "I had some severe soft tissue damage to my ankle from a sports injury. My hospital consultant wanted to operate on the ligament and tendon damage. Lively Group has an incredibly talented physio and was convinced that we could rectify the issues through intensive physio and hard work which we did. At my final appointment with the consultant he admitted that he was amazed at my progress and that I not only no longer required an operation but that I also no longer needed to see him. Not only did he saved me from having to be operated on but I will, in the next few weeks, be getting back on training."
  • Edaline Lavender


    "I visited my physio after a car accident where I sustained whiplash & soft tissue damage to my neck and shoulder. He takes the time to get to know all about what happened as well as understanding your personal & work circumstances to offer you the treatment that will best suit you and your injury. he used a combination of stretching, soft tissue massage and acupuncture. Each week he would also advises of exercises to complete in between treatment to aid recovery. Each week we discussed how I was progressing and the treatment was tailored depending on how I was feeling. Jay is such a personable guy who takes pride in his spotless premises and the job he does. I would not hesitate to return or indeed to recommend him to family and friends. Thank you lively group for providing me an amazing physio and for all your help!"
  • Sara H. Schuller

    Personal Training With Lively Group Trainers .

    "My Personal trainer, is very supportive, patient, and approachable. An expert in his knowledge and skills. Thanks Lively group for encouraging to meet with someone in this profession who is sincere and passionate, I couldn't ask for a better Trainer. #bestPT #summerbody #livelygroup247 ? 19/07/2017