My interest is something I have done for over a year now, which is to set goals for myself every month, writing them down in a note book and achieving them. This enables me to be organised and feel great satisfaction in completing the tasks I set myself. Being organised whilst studying at university is crucial as you have assignments and deadlines. Staying on top of the work load and remaining organised, like myself, means that you will never fall behind and will be able to create a social life as well as designated time for study.

Success is when you have optimum health.

Finding my happy place and doing what i enjoy has to defiantly go down in my achievements. It wasn’t until i plucked up the courage to challenge myself mentally and physically that i realised, it takes for  me to be the best version of myself to get you to a better version of yours.  


Working through the university system and applying the knowledge in real time means i have been able to absorb necessary, needful information and apply it to my practices. Besides my nutritional knowledge i already held, this in-depth theoretical prospective has put the icing on.

  • Working with Holland & Barrats
  • Head of Nutrition with Lively Group
  • Dietetics & Nutrition course leader

Here at Lively Group we are big on showing you ‘How to’ so we have compiled a number of courses for those of you who want to apply nutrition and dietetics to your life by yourself.

Regarding our nutrition courses, please visit our timetable to find our where we are delivering near your or alternatively, visit our store to find out more about doing an online course. Choose from dietetics or nutrition, complete the entire course in 4 weeks or 4 days, what ever spare time you have to commit it doesn’t matter, resume at any time without loosing a thing.

The most powerful thing about what i do has to be showing loved ones how to live a healthier prosperous lives, based on the mental, physical and emotional diet. Knowledge and wisdom hold power, passing that on and seeing it ripple down generations is what makes me happy because with knowledge and wisdom it only grows, moves forward because to unlearn is impossible, learn more about who you are today and question less about who you are tomorrow.

Lively Group is the home a wellbeing, getting your smarter, wiser and healthier when it comes to your life