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“A good diet isn’t just what you put in your mouth for what you put in your mind defines you, THE REAL YOU!”

Jamayne Brown


When we think about the factors that contribute to workplace performance, we rarely give enough consideration to food. For those of us battling to stay on top of emails, meetings, and deadlines, food is simply fuel and believe me it is needed.

Food has a direct impact on our cognitive performance, which explains why a poor decision at lunch can derail an entire afternoon. TFE nutrition workshops will inspire you with knowledge, tips and recipes, so that you and your team can make smarter decisions about your diet. Thus increasing alertness and performing their best for the full working day.
Natural foods and mineral diets are a thing of tomorrow, with fast food and simple delivery services on the rise, we take for granted the importance of our mineral intake each day. With lifestyle coaching this knowledge can shunted into your life but for now lets just keep it simple.

The eating styles you absorb over the years contain specific mineral patterns that can be abundant or difficient of various important minerals.  This is what we call the “negative phase”, the process of reproduction, redirection and recirculation of poor health, in other words, when we deprive our bodies of the rich fuel it thrives on, consequently we see a chain reaction, usually manifested in our lives in the form of infection and disease .

Quite often this can be a lot to process but that’s where we come in, at Lively Group we structure your intake of minerals for you and work with you to tweak and define your eating habits.

Busy schedules are no excuse for bad diets and poor health regimes, an enhanced lifestyle comes from being the change you want to see.

The food choices you make not only effect you on a metal and physical plain but also effects those in your circumference. Environmental factors, effect us in ways unbeknown day in and day out.

Health to me is a journey, a journey from within, a three step process that starts with the thought, then the action and then progress that for ever grows. Everything thing in life holds the same formula, you just have to see it first.
“Seek and you will find, for you are just what you seek”

“Jamayne Brown”

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  • Ashley Fletcher


    "I had some severe soft tissue damage to my ankle from a sports injury. My hospital consultant wanted to operate on the ligament and tendon damage. Lively Group has an incredibly talented physio and was convinced that we could rectify the issues through intensive physio and hard work which we did. At my final appointment with the consultant he admitted that he was amazed at my progress and that I not only no longer required an operation but that I also no longer needed to see him. Not only did he saved me from having to be operated on but I will, in the next few weeks, be getting back on training."
  • Edaline Lavender


    "I visited my physio after a car accident where I sustained whiplash & soft tissue damage to my neck and shoulder. He takes the time to get to know all about what happened as well as understanding your personal & work circumstances to offer you the treatment that will best suit you and your injury. he used a combination of stretching, soft tissue massage and acupuncture. Each week he would also advises of exercises to complete in between treatment to aid recovery. Each week we discussed how I was progressing and the treatment was tailored depending on how I was feeling. Jay is such a personable guy who takes pride in his spotless premises and the job he does. I would not hesitate to return or indeed to recommend him to family and friends. Thank you lively group for providing me an amazing physio and for all your help!"
  • Sara H. Schuller

    Personal Training With Lively Group Trainers .

    "My Personal trainer, is very supportive, patient, and approachable. An expert in his knowledge and skills. Thanks Lively group for encouraging to meet with someone in this profession who is sincere and passionate, I couldn't ask for a better Trainer. #bestPT #summerbody #livelygroup247 ? 19/07/2017

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