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Health and Wellbeing

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Book Now → £35 PROMO 2 for 1



Health insured:

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Lively Group have you covered, regardless of your age and smokers status, even if you drink we can still get you a competitive deal. Do more for what makes you happy and let us cover your back!
“Where theres a will theres a way”

Bank information:

Lively Group Birmingham, UK Cornwall Street, B3 2DL IBAN: GB45 BARC 20078283890392

Price Plans

Personal Training

£35 Per Session
  • Premium access
  • Train FREE when you refer a friend

Standard Training Package


Master Mind

£60 per session
  • Premium access
  • Train FREE when you refer a friend
  • Personal training / Online
  • Stress managment
  • Running / Cycling

Access to all Summer Jam locations


Additional information:

Our coaching service is around the clock none stop and delivered via various gyms depending on location. Once you purchase a package you will be sent all of the relevant information such as your coaches details and other essentials info. Within 24hrs you will be contacted by a member of the team for a video or phone consultation.

Thank you for considering coaching by Lively Group, packed with new and exciting creativeness and bursting with energy also we like to record our services to show everyone what we have been upto, don’t worry we don’t plaster our footage on social media, we simply motivate our master mind members area and give you something to reflect on.

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