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To boo or to not boo

Everyone’s favourite track villain, Gatlin, who has been in Bolt’s shadow has never given up the fight, and was there again in eight, next to Yohan Blake, one of five from the London 2012 final who have tested positive for drugs.

Jamaican prime minister Andrew Holness has called for athletes who fail drug tests to receive life bans following Justin Gatlin’s 100 metres victory at the World Championships. American Gatlin has twice served doping bans but at the age of 35 pulled off a shock win, ending Usain Bolt’s reign as sprint king in what was the Jamaican’s final individual race.

The new champion was booed by many inside the 2012 Olympic stadium.
And although prime minister Holness did not criticise Gatlin personally, his view is that sporting bodies need to get tougher with those who break the rules.
“I think there should be very stringent penalties for people who use performance-enhancing drugs in sport,” he said.
“But at the same time once the person has paid their penalty, they’ve done their time, and the governing body has allowed them in the sport, then I really don’t have a comment on whether or not victory is deserved – he (Gatlin) has won the race.”

Justin Gatlin has been through the mill and whatever side of the fence you sit on, it is sport. He was crying and that moved me. He has worked hard. He still has to train as hard as everyone else and turn up and deliver. I may be alone in this against the popular opinion but to me this is without question one of the most remarkable nights in sports history  and a remarkable come back in the era. Gatlin has served his time, paid his dues. nobody is perfect and after all that has gone before, the 2005 World Champion. EVERYBODY has a second chance.

Well done Justin Gatlin you’ve made mistakes, and now by beating Usain Bolt, you’ve achieved one of the most sensational performances in the history of sports!

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