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A month barley passes without some new report or study concluding that we are more stressed than ever before. It is however understandable, after all, while the economic climate is advancing, it is far from stable. This means that most people in employment feel under pressure although they have to prove their worth, to make sure that, when cutbacks come back around, they still have a job.

Just as pertinently, modern technology has facilitated an ‘always on’ culture so even when we’re not actually at work, we’re still expected to reply to emails and calls.

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Millions of people are steering toward mindfulness to help reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus, self-control and cognitive flexibility and boost optimism and resilience. In the workplace this translates into more harmonious relations, better client focus, less absenteeism and greater job-and life-satisfaction.

Drawing on Google’s ground-breaking mindfulness-based training programme, our series of eight mindfulness workshops covers each of the three foundation skills:

Attention training – to learn to place your mind where you want it to be and manage counter-productive distractions

Self-awareness and self-mastery – to get to know your automatic defaults and thinking patterns and, from the basis of that knowledge, to make more conscious and wiser choices

Creating useful mental (and other) habits – to build new thinking patterns and habits which serve you better, waste less energy and enable you to fulfil your potential

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We appreciate that people like to learn differently. To support and complement our popular monthly workshops, our workshop titles are now available in a series of podcasts.

To maximise engagement, our podcasts have been crafted in an easy-to-watch format of 3-4, 8-12 minute snappy video segments that provide a good level of knowledge and detail, covering key ideas reflected from workshops. Our podcasts allow you to reach out to everyone in the organisation. TFE podcasts provide a valuable summary for attendees and are informative enough for those unable to attend the live workshops. Our podcasts are hosted by Jamayne who has professional video hosting with analytics and video marketing tools.

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At tfe-wellbeing, we believe that in an increasingly multicultural world, we have to expand our efforts to reach and understand the diverse people and cultures we serve. Read More 

Wellbeing Activities

Wellbeing increases attention and aids concentration and if done regularly can improve mood and motivation and increase productivity.


We encourage people to live happy, healthy and productive lives and our workplace health events help individuals achieve this goal. Our healthy activities include meditation, aerobics etc…. Read More 


Live and on-demand! progression & leadership seeking practices, motivational workshops, personal development and more….


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