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Wellbeing & Fitness – Project Elev8

The home of healthy living, getting you stronger, wiser and healthier, when it comes to your everyday lifestyle. Project Elev8, supported by Lively Group and TFE-Wellbeing is a revolutionary health formula, with project leaders of every kind waiting to support your wellbeing.

Connecting the dots between physical, emotional and mental health is what we do and something we take pride in. We are the innovators of holistic health to the community we serve and you are our latest addition.

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy


Why US?

We now just teamed up with Elev8 Projects, to train and develop community leaders to see more and be more. Wellbeing is everywhere and in everything we do, gaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the go is all we live to encourage.

Pioneering revolutionary health practices is just what we do, as a great team of thinkers.

All our formulas are proven to change lives, improve the quality of living and empower you to grow into the best version of yourself.

(T.F.E) stands for thoughts, feelings and emotions, which in our view just about summarises wellbeing. Our practice is spread right the way across the West Midlands and growing. We are home to some of the most inspirational community leaders and ‘Elev8 champions‘, find out how we can help you TODAY!

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  • Enhance your lifestyle
  • Unlock your inner self
  • Improve the quality of life
  • Push your body to the limits
  • Optimise your mental clarity
  • Improve your decision making
  • Over come stress and mental blocks
  • Self develop and progress with great support
  • Come face to face with people who understand your situation

Meet Our Coaches

  • Life Coach

    Dr. Jamayne Brown

     7 years experience

    I am a health professional and motivational coach with T.F.E. We procure enriching health experiences that enhance the quality of life. From online webinars to practical group or private sessions, whether it’s fitness of the mind or a physical health quest you want to conquer, we have you covered.

  • Sports Coach

    Anjula Jarjou

       6 years experience

    My Role is to apply my health experience and knowledge to help boost sporting performance. My team “Track Stars” have really came a long way in the few years we have been together. If you are looking for a way to get your health on track, we run community sessions, press here to find out more…

    I live to encourage.

  • Dietitian

    Natanya Sterling

        3 years experience

    In many cases improving performance by as little as 0.1% can define an athlete’s career.
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Classes & workshops


When you join in and improve your posture fitness, life becomes…


Take lifestyle and motivational techniques to the next level,  growth, development & support


Massage, injury prevention and rehabilitation


Themed, unique and fun – Grouped body sculpting formulas to take advantage of


Improve your leadership and people management qualities, want more infomation…

Master Mind

Learn to manage mental efficiency and overcome mental blocks

Group Development

Extra fun training to lead and facilitate others


Explore wellbeing from the inside out, ask questions and join our community


Develop your dietary knowledge and get support from leading analysts, all supported


Find your inner piece and learn to master your calmness, your space of tranquillity awaits

Elev8 Sports

Extra sports related training to lead and facilitate others with in the work environment

Online coaching

Around the clock non-stop online coach


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